When you see a lady sitting at the bar drinking her cocktail and throws short looks at the people around. Who is this woman? Is that beauty a London escort? A single lady looking for a guy to flirt with or a professional London escort girl who gives love for money? If an attractive woman is sitting alone, it doesn’t really matter who she is, only if you didn’t decide to offer her a drink. Usually in the London escorts don’t come too early before meeting with a client, so if the lady is waiting for longer than 15 minutes and no one came, most probably she is not a professional.

beautyThe second tip on how to recognize a London escort is to look at how she is dressed. Escorts are not prostitutes, they never dress vulgar and cheap clothes, most of their dressing is rather stylish and nice looking. If her look is elegant and definitely expensive, this can be one of elite London escorts.

Women of such kind don’t wait for a free drink in the bar. If they are waiting for someone, they won’t talk with another man, as this can be impolite with respect to her client. That’s why, if a gorgeous woman is sitting alone in the hotel bar, looking for ten thousand dollars and not talking to anyone, it is better not to spend time with her, as she is most probably a London escort girl.

Booking London escorts? What for?

The escort service is definitely a one of the most popular among London adult entertainments. It is fully legal and doesn’t seem like something intolerable in society. But what for does a man needs the help of London escort agency? What are the main reasons for booking an hourly-paid lady? Check out X London Escorts, they provide high quality service at an affordable price. X London Escorts is a cheap escort agency and they work 24 hours.

Men feel uncomfortable when they are alone. Various business trips far from home make it unsuitable to stay without a couple, and sometimes it is so much desirable to go out with a pretty lady and spend a night in her hot arms, a night full of unusually hard and diversified sex! Loneliness is the main source of income for London escorts.

Most of men are too shy to confess in their secret sexual desires, they can be honest and tell their wives and girlfriends that they want something spicy, something unusual, let’s say a role play or strap-on, making love with two partners at the same time. But when a man pays money for this, his fears disappear as he thinks it is fully correct to pay and get what he wants. A fear to be honest is the second main reason why London escorts are so popular.

And of course, men are polygamous creatures. They want more, better and fresher than what they actually have, and if can be bought, let it be bought in some London escort agency.

What is the price for spending a night with а London escort girl?

Looking for an escort for the whole night, many clients face with the problem – what price is expected for the whole night dating? How much you should put by for your unforgettable vacation party?

beautiful womanThe average London escort agency offers ladies for a night at a price of 600 – 1000 €. Dealing with agency guarantees the lady will come in-time and will do all her best to make you satisfied. Speaking about London escort individuals, the price varies significantly depending on the services the lady provides, her reputation, availability and her personal attitude for a client. As a rule, the price will be 500 – 900 €.

High-class London escort agency will ask for 1000 – 2000€ for a full night service and for this money a client will receive all inclusive’ date with one of its gorgeous, stunning ladies of the highest class. If it is expensive for you, you can always book a London escort for hourly basis. One hour will cost you 100 – 300€ depending on a girl class and reputation.

Such a high price doesn’t scare men from booking escorts, as they worth each cent spent on dating with them. London is a city with a huge choice of escorts and their services are on big demand.

Escort Service Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

An escort service is a great way to find some companionship, whether you want a night out on the town or someone to keep you company at home. If you are new to escort services, or even if you just want to brush up on how they work, the following escort service tips are for you.

The Do’s

girl in lingerieMany of the best escort service tips are about being polite and considerate. While escorts are hired companions, they are indeed people like everyone else and deserve common courtesy. Follow these guidelines: When you call or email an escort agency with your information, be descriptive. Tell them or her about yourself. Be clear and concise, and be sure to divulge any hobbies or interests you have. This will provide fuel for conversations and perhaps even future dates. Find out if your escort has a “guidelines” or “etiquette” page online. If this is the case, be sure to read it through. Try to absorb any personal information that she provides, too, since this will give the two of you a chance to get to know each other. Remember that many escorts want you to use discretion. If you need clarification of some kind (i.e., her room number, her address, or the name of the restaurant where you are meeting), be sure to call from the car instead from a location where you can be overheard. Practice good hygiene. Be sure to shower and trim your nails, and dress appropriately for the occasion. Your escort will be more receptive to you if it appears that you went out of your way to please her with your appearance.

The Don’ts

naughty girlJust as there are some things you should always do when you use an escort service, there are also things to avoid. These escort service tips can make your date more fun: Don’t eat onions, garlic, or anything of the like prior to your date. Bad breath is a turnoff and it doesn’t set a very nice mood. Don’t try to haggle with escorts about their rates. When an escort posts her rates online or gives you this information via phone or email, consider those rates firm and non-negotiable. It is, however, acceptable for you to provide a tip or a bonus if you’ve had an especially nice time. Don’t bring your escort gifts unless she has okayed it beforehand or her profile specifically allows it. While candies and flowers may seem polite and even a bit romantic, if your escort has allergies of some kind, these gifts may do more harm than good. So if want to get something better ask escort agency or the escort directly. Never speak badly of any other escorts. Your date should not be a gossip session, and you don’t want your escort to think that you’ll speak badly of her after your date. It is best to keep your opinions of other escorts to yourself. Of course, as with any other romantic interaction you may have, it is important to use common sense and be polite.

These escort service tips can help you ensure that the two of you have a fantastic time, no matter what the occasion may be.